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The world of contact lenses is continually evolving, with new technology and products being developed on regular basis. You can be confident that we will keep you informed of any new developments.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue and all other well-known brands are all available.







A Vast Range of Contact Lenses For Every Eye

Come see what's changed if you've been advised in the past that you're not a good candidate for contact lenses or if you've given up recently. You're going to be surprised! 

We take pleasure in discovering the finest options for your needs, not just when they arise; as a patient, we ensure that you continue to benefit from the latest technological advancements. If you require hard or gas permeable contact lenses, we can provide them.

Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses For Every Occasion








Some people wear contact lenses full time, others choose to wear them for particular occasions. If you've never tried contact lenses, or have had a bad experience in the past, let Davis Optometrists help you experiment with the best options for you so you can benefit from: 

  • More natural and unobstructed vision than glasses, as the lens is on the eye.

  • Many people see better with contact lenses than they do with specs!

  • Your entire vision is in focus, rather than around a spectacle lens.

  • Great for sports and safe too.

  • Can be fitted for children aged eight plus.

  • No weight on your ears and nose.

  • Contact lenses don't fog up or get wet in the rain.

  • You can have a wardrobe of fashionable sunglasses.

  • Contact lenses match everything you wear and people can see your eyes.

  • Can be worn by all age groups as they are so easy to use, once you're taught properly.

  • Can correct long or short sighted eyes, astigmatism, and we can do varifocals too.

  • 90% are soft - so comfortable you won't know they're there!

  • Some lenses permanently correct vision - MySight aim to reduce Myopia in children.

  • Even during the current issues with Covid-19 they are perfectly safe to wear.

There are approximately 3.3 million contact lens wearers in the United Kingdom, but if everyone wore them, the number might rise to 33 million. Why not give it a try? Contact the receptionist at your preferred branch to schedule a trial now!

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