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Comfort & Ease

Daily Disposable contact lenses are worn just once, either for all or part of a day, so they are always clean and new.

There is no cleaning regime so there are no solutions to worry about for long term care of the lenses or for daily sterilization. If you're sensitive to contact lens solutions they are therefore a useful option. Perfect for travelling, sport, occasional social wear, or that special wedding. Patients buy them for holidays, weekend golf, or trips away where luggage space is tight!

They are very thin and can be the most comfortable type of lens due to their high water content. Dry eye patients may find that these work for longer time periods than conventional lenses. They are so flexible that some brands can be difficult to handle, so we do have several types to try. If you've tried them before please note we have new products on a regular basis, so always ask your Optometrist if you want to try something different.

Compared to other types of contact lens there are slight restrictions due to prescription, but nearly all long or short sighted corrections are available, including powers for astigmatism and multi-focal options.

Ask your optician for details if you would like to try the daily disposables that suit your sight and your lifestyle - tell them what you need and they'll source the product for you!

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