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Contact Lenses at Davis Opticians

Most parents are surprised to learn that children as young as 8 years old can wear contact lenses. But providing a child can handle the responsibility of wearing contact lenses, and wants to try them, it can be the ideal solution for your child’s eye care needs. Your Optometrist will be happy to advise you if your child’s prescription is suitable to try contact lenses and will discuss all the options with you.

Contact lenses can bring many benefits including:

  • Improved quality of vision – when compared to glasses – clear peripheral vision with no edge distortion.

  • Suitable for sports, dance and swimming – Activities that were once impossible or restricted become possible. Unlike glasses they don’t break, mist up, slip or fall off. And providing goggles are used they can also be worn when swimming.

  • Improved self-confidence – Studies have shown that children who are fitted with contact lenses after wearing glasses for some time show improved confidence and self-esteem.

  • More comfortable – Glasses can feel heavy on a child’s ears and nose, and they tend to constantly adjust them as they move around, especially when looking from board to book in school.

  • Improved concentration – this constant adjustment can be become tiring and affect their concentration at school.

  • Possible slow down in some vision problems - see our page on MiSight lenses in the For Kids section - Think your child might be short-sighted?

If your child is interested in trying lenses, we can arrange a trial with their Optometrist. They will put in a pair of lenses and your child then wears them for a couple of hours. This allows us to assess the fit and lets your child discover how lenses feel. We then arrange to teach cleaning, insertion, and removal of lenses. We advise you of aftercare routines and send reminders for regular check ups to monitor vision and eye health.

Why not call us today to discuss the options for your child? Your Optometrist will be happy to speak to you, or arrange an appointment at your chosen branch.

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