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The Hearing Care Partnership

Regular care for all of the senses should form part of everyone’s healthcare regime.  This is why we're able to offer a Hearing Service provided by qualified Audiologists who can check your hearing and dispense hearing aids. 


Just as you rely on your eyesight for enhancing the quality of your life, and therefore have your vision checked - your hearing is equally important.  As part of our services we are now able to offer you a free hearing health check to all new and existing patients providing they are aged eighteen or over. Testing, advice, and if appropriate demonstration of a hearing system is free and without any obligation.

Elderly Man Wearing Hearing Aid


Changes to hearing often happen slowly over the years so a hearing health check is a good idea to establish the exact situation. Tell tale signs of hearing loss are:

  • People seem to mumble

  • Conversation is difficult in noisy situations

  • You need to turn the TV up louder than other people

  • You need to ask people to repeat things.


The Hearing Health Check will establish the overall health of your ears. This tells you whether any loss of hearing is present, if referral to your GP is necessary, or if a further free consultation to fully investigate matters is advised. 

Arranging an appointment is easy, just call the branch of your choice for information. Click the logo above to visit the Hearing Care Partnership website.

Man Having a Hearing Test
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