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Ultimate comfort

Most of the contact lenses that we dispense today are soft - high water content, comfortable lenses that you won't know are there.

Lens materials and designs are changing all the time, with our ultimate goal being to fit you with lenses that give you the best possible vision and perfect comfort. You'll have a full field of vision, lenses that are easy to insert and remove, and with disposable options now the norm; fresh, clean lenses at regular intervals.

All soft lenses are immediately very comfortable and most people can wear them full time straight away. They are thin, durable, and easy to handle. We can also supply coloured lenses to enhance or totally change your eye colour.

These days most wearers pay by Direct Debit for convenience. Our Davis Contact Lens Scheme covers ALL their optical costs, but we are happy to supply lenses for occasional wear too - see our page on the Davis Total Eye Care scheme here.

Most soft lenses are now disposable – for anything from daily to three monthly use. Cleaning regimes are now very simple, and of course for daily wear lenses you don't need solutions at all! Have a chat with your Optometrist if you would like to try lenses, they will explain the options that are suitable for your lifestyle and prescription. Book a complimentary trial and go from there.

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