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Up to a month of use without removing

Extended or Continuous Wear are specific contact lenses that can be worn for up to a month without removing them at night. You wake up with perfect vision - no more scrambling for your specs!

A lot of people are surprised at the thought initially, but this is what these lenses are designed for. Your Optometrist will monitor your eye health with regular check ups, and as there is less handling and no cleaning solution these can be a healthier option than standard lenses for some patients.

No lens type suits everybody (or there would only be one lens type!), but these are life changing when they are successful. It’s like having refractive surgery without the risks and usually gives better results. Can you imagine opening your eyes in the morning and seeing clearly instantly?

We use mostly monthly lenses, but also have weekly ones, and most prescriptions are available now including torics for astigmatism and varifocals. Have a chat with your Optometrist if you think this would be a good option for you, call any of our branches for more information.

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