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Forget about the reading glasses once and for all

Life may begin at forty but then so does Presbyopia - the problem that small print is more difficult to see at close range! We find ourselves moving things further and further away to try and focus, and then we need a separate prescription for reading, and eventually for the computer. Usual options are varifocal or vocational lenses, bifocals, or single vision reading glasses.

Nowadays however, glasses are not your only solution. As a first time wearer or life long contact lens fan, you can now have multifocal contact lenses. They are a continuously evolving product to which our manufacturers are devoting vast amounts of research. Technological advancements over the last ten years mean the range of lenses available has never been greater, with higher water content and more breathable structures they are very comfortable to wear – you’ll forget you even have them in!

They are perfect for an active lifestyle as they don’t steam up or slip down like glasses, and you can look in any direction and see close too and far away. Many are also available with full UV blockers, to safeguard your eyes in all light conditions.

The newest lenses are easy to handle, and available in different formats, such as Daily Disposable, weekly or monthly continuous wear, two weekly or monthly daily wear. Your Optometrist can discuss your needs and your lifestyle to find the perfect lens for you – so you really can stop worrying about where your reading glasses are!

So, whether you want to feel confident driving again, take up or enjoy a sport such as golf or going to the gym, or are looking for a one-stop solution in today’s world of tablets, mobiles, and television – varifocal contact lenses really could change your life for the better. Call us today to arrange your no obligation contact lens consultation and trial. If you don’t get on with them there is no charge, and if you do we have a range of packages available to suit everybody.

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