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Style & Comfort

How to Choose New Frames

There are lots of frames to choose from, and unlike clothes, they are less easy to categorise into trends and familiar shapes that will suit you.

Our Dispensers will give you guidance as to what is fashionable this season, and we always have up to date magazines and show cards around the practices to give you ideas. The frame has to be practical too, and the Dispensers job is to visualise your finished glasses and advise you on the perfect combination of frame and lenses.

Your prescription or your lens choice may restrict you in terms of which frames are suitable. Your Dispenser will take this into account, and will help you to make a choice that suits you with regard to your style, your optical needs, and your price range.

Making Your Mind Up

When both you and the dispenser are happy that you have made the perfect choice, we sit down with you and summarise your order. We give you a total price and take measurements.

Each pair of specs that we make up is completely individual to you, a unique pair of glasses thanks to your prescription, lens choice, measurements and frame. The dispenser will check the basic frame fit on you, sometimes we will order in different colour options or sizes for you. If we do this then you call back at a later date to make a final selection.

If the order is finalised then we check your contact details and give you a timescale for completion of your new glasses.

Style & Comfort
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