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Unlimited eyecare packages

Eye Care Packages
Our Davis Total Eyecare scheme is a complete and unlimited eyecare package. It covers all possible fees and procedures including part-time contact lens wear. For a small monthly fee, paid for by Direct Debit, you can get all of the following benefits -

The benefits to you include -

  • Unlimited fully comprehensive eye examinations. The NHS will usually only pay for a basic eye exam for eligible patients once every two years. On our scheme everyone can have a peace of mind check whenever they want one.

  • 25% discount on all prescription spectacles. Any glasses of any type as often as you want!

  • 3D scans and retinal photography every two years or whenever advised by your Optometrist.

  • Contact Lenses for occasional wear - at better than internet prices. There are no initial fitting or aftercare fees when you're part of our scheme.

  • 15% discount on non-prescription sunglasses.

  • Dry Eye assessments with one of our specialist Optometrists.

  • Reduction on the Direct Debit when you hit 60 years of age or for additional family members.

  • Emergency assessment for any eye problems.

  • Extended two year spectacle warranty.

  • 10% discount off hearing aids from THCP and complimentary ear care and wax removal.

All of these benefits are included at no additional cost to you, all are chargeable if you are not part of our scheme. Please speak to any one of our lovely team in our practices who will be happy to give you further information. To read about our Contact Lens scheme, please check here.

Unlimited eyecare packages
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