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Myopia Management

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Life

The Optician wants to make sure that your eyes are healthy and that you can see clearly. The world as you see it may not be the best vision you can achieve! They’ll ask if you’ve got any concerns about your eyes, and they'll also ask your parents about any family history of eye problems. They'll check that your eyes work together properly, and may check your colour vision.

Headaches and eyestrain often come up around the build up to exams, just tell your Optician if you’re worried about anything. Adults have tests every two years, often with children or teenagers we recall you more often, as your vision might be changing more quickly while you’re growing.

If you do need glasses, don’t worry that wearing them will make your eyes weaker. You’ll actually cause more eye strain if you don’t wear them. We keep full records of what we do, and you can contact us any time after your test if you need our help.

Call us or go into a branch to book an appointment. You can have a look round while you're there, so you feel comfortable when you see the Optician. We hope you like coming to visit us and we look forward to meeting you!

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Life
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