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Myopia Management

Children with Downs Syndrome

Erin’s World Frames – Unique Eyewear

We stock a range of frames designed specifically for children with Downs Syndrome. 

People with Down’s Syndrome can have difficulty in finding glasses that fit them properly. Generally they have a petite nose with a flatter bridge, and a shorter distance from their ears to the front of the face. This can lead to specs that constantly slip down – which is uncomfortable and means that the patient is not looking through the glasses properly. 

Erin’s World frames are designed to help the wearer overcome these problems and be more comfortable in their glasses.

As with any frame dispense, we need to identify potential problems and examine any specs worn before. By using different nose pads or altering side lengths we may be able to improve the current glasses, or try Erin’s World frames if they would be more suitable. 

The sample frames are usually at our Kettering branch, but if you can’t get there, with a day or two of advance notice we can send the frames to any of our other branches for you to try them.

Erin’s World frames are unique in their design, and they are also super strong, made from Titanium and memory metal which gives a flexible bridge and sides that spring out 180 degrees. 

For adults with Downs Syndrome we can adapt standard frames to improve the comfort and fit of your specs. We have a variety of bridge fittings which we can use, and combined with thinner, lightweight lenses we can often make a significant difference to your daily experience of specs wear. You won’t benefit from wearing your glasses if they’re in the wrong position or constantly slip down your nose, so be prepared to spend some time with us while we get things just right.

Please call us if you would like to discuss the options. There is no charge and no obligation for an appointment with our friendly dispensing team.

Children with Downs Syndrome
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