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What To Expect


Depending on which branch you visit, the Optometrists or optical assistants will help you to complete three screening assessments.

Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging is a quick test, does not involve contact with your eye and is performed on patients of all ages.

Digital photographs taken in Retinal Imaging allow your optician to pick up the very first sign of problems and eye diseases, many of which can lead to loss of sight if left untreated. Early detection through Retinal Imaging means you can access treatment sooner, reducing the risk of blindness in later life. 3D retinal scanning, available in most of our branches, allows us to take an even closer look at the layers of the retina.

Pressure Test

We routinely check the internal pressure of the eyes for all clients over the age of nineteen.

We use a machine called a Non-Contact Tonometer to blow a tiny puff of air onto the front surface of your eye. It's not painful but it might make you jump! The reading we take from this tells us the internal pressure of the fluids inside your eye. High pressure can indicate the eye disease Glaucoma, although the test is not conclusive without the other checks that your Optometrist will do.

Visual Fields

We use a field screening machine to see how well you can see around you and to assess the extent of your visual field.

You simply look into a machine at a screen and press a button when movements appear. Its quick and straightforward and everyone finds it very easy. The results are plotted out to show if you've missed any areas. We use this primarily to check for diseases such as Glaucoma, although more rarely it can show up other early signs of diseases.

Call your favourite branch for any help or advice you require regarding our pre-screening checks.

What To Expect
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