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Highlighting Comfort and Style

Fitting Your New Glasses

A member of the dispensing team will fit your new glasses with several aims in mind:

  • To ensure that the frame is comfortable and feels right to you.

  • To check that your vision in the new prescription is good.

  • To advise you on caring for your new glasses.

  • To answer any questions you may have.

The dispenser checks the glasses and then alters the shape of the frame to give you the perfect fit. This will vary depending on where you like to wear your glasses, and any physical factors - such as a sinus problem - that may make spectacle wear difficult for you. Do tell the dispenser if the frames are uncomfortable, or if you like them sitting in a certain place.

We use a huge variety of specialist tools to alter the frames to fit you. Don't try this at home! After adjustments the dispenser will ask you if everything feels good. They will then ask a couple of simple questions to ensure that your vision feels as it should. We advise you to try the new glasses at home, to let you adjust in familiar surroundings. You can then admire your new look. The dispenser will talk to you about how to care for your new glasses.

  • Never lay the lenses face down on any surface. They are curved and will scratch.

  • Wash the glasses in warm soapy water - diluted washing up liquid is fine. Dry on a clean, lint free cloth.

  • If you have anti-reflection coated lenses then we give you a complimentary cleaning spray to make sure they are totally clear. The spray has anti-static properties which keeps the lenses clean. It comes in a bottle for life, you can return any time for a refill.

  • Always keep the glasses in the rigid case that we supply. Soft cases can damage specs by flattening the front of the frame, which will eventually break.

  • Never leave your glasses anywhere that gets really hot, such as a car dashboard. This can break down lens coatings and warp your spec frames.

  • Don't try to adjust them yourself! Bring them into us if they get bent or start to slip.

  • Keep a check on the screws that hold your glasses together. In time they can work loose, and we can replace them before you lose a lens.

Please phone your favourite practice first to book an appointment with the dispensing team for fittings, adjustments, or any queries about your glasses.

Highlighting Comfort and Style
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