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Find the Perfect Frames For You

Dispensing New Glasses

After your consultation with the Optometrist, you will move onto the dispensing team.

Our fully trained team are there to help and advise you, quote you for your preferred options, and take any necessary measurements. They will advise you on lens options and then frames.

You are welcome to have friends or family members with you, and take as long as you need to make your decision. You can take a selection of frames home with you to try with different clothes, or get opinions from a special someone if they could not accompany you.

You can make a return visit, and we will reserve any frames that you like until you come back. We have i-pads at every branch so we can take your picture in your chosen frame, and you can then put your glasses on and take a proper look at yourself! Where suitable we also fit complimentary daily wear contact lenses for the duration of your dispense, so that you can see to choose.

Your dispensing assistant will summarise the lens options with you, and quote prices. We always offer a choice of suitable products for you, and are happy to give you as much or as little guidance as you need. Our price guarantee ensures that we are competitive - find the same product cheaper elsewhere and we will refund you the difference. We constantly source new lenses and frame collections to offer you the very best and the most up to date choices. We will also find specific items for you if you want something different! The team always enjoys a challenge!

Find the Perfect Frames For You
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