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Maybe Considering Laser Surgery?

Laser Surgery

If spectacles or contact lenses are not for you, then you may be considering Laser Surgery. At Davis Optometrists we enjoy becoming involved in all aspects of vision care, so although we do not actually perform the surgery, we can take care of you while you go through this process. We do screening and consultation prior to referral. After treatment we can support after you.

Who is Suitable for Treatment?

As with any surgical procedure, there are limits to who is suitable. With this type of surgery there are possible limitations due to your prescription and your health. Your surgeon makes the final decision so there are always exceptions to these general guidelines.

  • Your prescription must be have been stable for the past two years.

  • Your prescription must fit within certain criteria.

  • Your eyes must be healthy, so any conditions such as Glaucoma or Cataract must be treated.

  • Recurrent eye disease or other abnormalities would need assessment.

  • Your cornea must be thick enough to allow safe treatment.

  • You must have reasonable expectations from the procedure, which your surgeon will discuss with you.

  • Your general health must be good.

Post surgery there are some possible risks to eye health. These include corneal inflammation or infection, and dry eyes. Obviously you cannot go ahead with surgery if there is any doubt about the result.

How the Procedure Works

There are several different methods of surgery, and your surgeon will decide on the right treatment for you. The basic method is the same, whichever technique is best for you. A Laser is used to reshape the cornea this is the transparent window that covers the front surface of the eyeball. This change in curvature of the cornea alters the way that light is focussed onto your retina, and corrects your former visual defect.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices vary depending on which treatment option is right for you. Charges will be fully explained during your initial assessment consultations.

Any of our Optometrists would be happy to discuss this with you in person if you are interested in laser surgery.

Maybe Considering Laser Surgery?
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