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Dry Eye

What to do in an Eye Health Emergency?

If you woke up with:
  • a red eye,

  • a painful eye,

  • an itchy eye,

  • discharge from your eye,

  • vision problems,

What would you do?

We hope that we are the first place that you would contact for advice. All of our Optometrists have studied and trained for over 4 years to be able to diagnose what is wrong with your eyes. We were staggered to read that a large percentage of patients would go to the Pharmacy or their Doctor before thinking of going to their Optometrist.

We have sophisticated equipment and techniques to decide why your eye is causing you a problem. We do charge a fee for emergency appointments but you can be sure that we will see you quickly, no 5 hour waits in A and E, and the diagnosis will be organised quickly and efficiently.

If onward referral to Hospital is found to be necessary then of course this will be arranged. Make your Optometrist the first port of call when you have an eye emergency - phone your favourite branch immediately.

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