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Jewellery for the Face!

Your glasses will be one of the first things that people notice about you, so we'll help you find the perfect match for your style, comfort and prescription. 

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Tell us the colours you like, the shapes that appeal to you, and we'll track down the ideal piece of jewellery for your face.

We stock a huge range of styles and will order products in if we haven't got exactly what you want. We'll offer as much advice as you need from us.

A Frame for Every Face Shape

For men and for women, the shape of your glasses can affect your comfort, your sight and your look. Our dispensing team will be happy to give you an opinion and offer advice, but while you're researching the subject, let's have a think about face shapes.

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Your face shape can dictate the frame style that will enhance your features and help you make the most of what you've got. So take a good look at yourself with your hair scraped back, and decide what shape your face is. If it's not obvious you could even draw round your face with a make up pencil on the mirror! You may not fall exactly into one category, so go for the shape that is closest to yours.

Oval face

If your chin and temples are an even size, and your jaw line is soft and curved. Lucky you! This is the perfect face shape, and everything looks good on you. Everyone else is trying to get the look you already have. Just don't go too wide, or you'll throw out the perfect balance of your features.

Heart Shaped face

Usually your face will be petite, with a delicate, small jaw but a wider forehead. Pretty, but be careful not to overshadow your small jaw. You'll get a good balance if the top rim of the frame is not too heavy. Also avoid lots of detail or colour at the top, as this will bring attention to the widest area of your face.

Round face

You have the soft jaw of the heart shaped face, but wider and in balance with your forehead. Unlike the oval face though, your face will be equal in width and length. If you've got plumper cheeks then make sure your frame doesn't rest on them - annoying when eating, laughing or smiling! Go shallow and angular rather than round, as squarer shapes will balance you. Don't choose patterns with circles or curved shapes.

Square face

You have the same proportions of your round faced friends, but your jaw will more angular. The frame shape will be similar, but don't go too deep, and steer away from angles, which will echo your jaw line and enhance it. So go softer, but make sure it's wide enough to balance your strong features. Look for feminine details and avoid graphic style techno patterns.

A Note about Noses

If you have a nose that you'd rather keep out of the spotlight, then think about colours and bridge sizes. Keep the colour light across the bridge, and choose a frame that's wider at the temple edges. This will draw attention to the outer edges of the frame, rather than the centre. This is a popular style at the moment, so there are lots to choose from. Any frame with detail at the outer edges will be perfect for you.

If however you have a tiny little nose, then you could look for a frame which makes your nose appear longer. This means choosing something with a bridge that is high on the nose and does not cut your nose in half. A metal frame with a pad bridge will make your nose look smaller too, due to the detail of the nose pads. A plastic frame with a simple plain bridge will flatter you more.

It was a very throrough and reassuring experience.

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