Lenses that Optimise your Vision on the Road


Our road safety depends on much more than just the vehicle or our individual skills behind the wheel.

A key aspect is vision. Every driver knows that their vision may be restricted in the event of heavy rainfall, fog or snow. Driving at dusk with the glare of oncoming headlights also poses a real challenge for many people. 

With Road, Rodenstock have developed lenses which are designed to meet the needs of motorists and ensure enhanced road safety. Both the lens design and the coatings work together for optimum vision behind the wheel and for everyday use at work and home.  

The lens design gives the widest field of vision possible, and the anti-reflection coating combined with a special filter tint reduce the dazzle effect at night, minimising annoying and distracting relflexes and improving contrast during the day. They are available both as varifocal and single vision options.

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