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Specs For Fashion & Function 

With a huge range of styles and prices to choose from, we can find the ideal frame for you. Your perfect pair of specs will fulfil your needs for vision, comfort and fashion. We can discuss your lifestyle requirements to help you at work, at leisure, and on the sports field.


A Frame for Every Face Shape

The shape of your glasses can affect your comfort, your sight and your look. Our dispensing team will be happy to give you an opinion and offer advice, but while you're researching the subject, let's have a think about face shapes. Don't be afraid to be vain and think about how frames suit you. Have a good look at yourself and try to decide what face shape you are.


This is the most common face shape for men due to your square, manly jaw! Your temple and jaw size will be fairly even. Go for something that is as wide as your temples, but keep the shape shallow. A slight curve on the lower rim will soften your jaw a little and stop you looking too solid.


You are not that dissimilar from the square face, but your jaw will be softer and less prominent. The ideal proportion for you will be similar to the square face shape above, but go more angular rectangular shapes are very popular at present, so there's plenty to suit you. Don't choose anything narrower than your temples, as this will make your face look rounder. A shallow shape will make your face look longer, and won't annoy you by resting on your cheeks.


You have a weaker jaw, with a wide forehead. You can make your jaw look more in proportion by choosing specs that don't sit too high, and have a lower rim that's not too angular. This would make your jaw look smaller in comparison. Don't go for frames that narrow towards the lower rim, as in echoing your face shape you will look more out of balance.


For women this is a good shape, but men need to be careful not to overwhelm their features. Men's frames are often quite chunky and wide, so you need to go for something lighter and not wider than your face. A square shape rather than a round one will flatter you.

Manish has gone the extra mile to help me and I really appreciate it.

A. W. Olney

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