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Retinal Imaging

Retinal Imaging

Retinal Imagining is an integral part of our high quality eye test. It allows your Optometrist to take a digital photograph of the whole of your retina, the delicate and complex layers of cells which line the back of the eye. We can take a 2D retinal Image, or use the latest technology in our 3D OCT - Optical Coherence Topographer. 

Retinal imaging are quick, painless tests, which don't involve contact with your eyes and can be performed on patients of all ages. They can give you total peace of mind that everything is normal.

Why does Retinal Imaging matter?

The digital photographs taken in Retinal Imaging are very detailed, and allow your Optometrist to pick up the very first sign of problems and eye diseases, many of which can lead to loss of sight if left untreated. Early detection through Retinal Imaging means you can access treatment sooner, reducing the risk of blindness in later life.

Other health issues can also be picked up through Retinal Imaging including undiagnosed high blood pressure and diabetes.

Because the images are digital, we can store them for comparison each time you have an eye examination, building up a layered picture of your eye health. We can also email them to your GP or consultant at any point if required.

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