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Prescription Lenses

Lenses are your windows on the world, the vital component of your glasses that give you the clearest possible sight. 

Branded Lenses for the sharpest sight

Depending on the correction you need, we may suggest single vision, bifocal, or varifocal lenses. We also use different and materials to ensure your glasses look as good as possible, and to maximise your vision.

Conventional single vision have one strength over the whole lens, for varying purposes. A reading prescription allows you to see fine detail and close work, far distance is for general use, including driving and television, and intermediate is for seeing the computer screen or hobbies such as reading music.

We now have lenses which can slow the progression of short sightedness in children. If your child is short sighted please speak to our team for information on the options. 

Varifocals have all these three powers in one lens, blended together to give you the nearest effect to natural vision. Bifocals have distance power all over the lens, and a reading area in the lower portion of the lens, which is visible as you look at the glasses. Within these lens types there are specific choices that will suit your hobbies and your lifestyle.

We also have vocational lenses for specific help at your desk. Your optometrist will help to explain the best choice for you, and the dispensing team will give you further explanation. We also have more sophisticated designs for the best possible vision - see our pages on tailor made lenses. 

Lens Materials

The majority of lenses used today are made of optical quality plastic, although we do still use glass for specific purposes. The plastic we use is lightweight, comfortable, and pretty much unbreakable. It's coated to make it scratch resistant, and will give you the best vision and a comfortable, wearable pair of specs. It's available in thin, high density versions to reduce the lens thickness if your prescription is strong. 

We use glass in a thin material for patients who are very short sighted, and it's also dispensed in a toughened form for prescription safety spectacles.

Your dispenser will help you to decide on the material that suits your lifestyle requirements and the strength of your prescription. The options are available in photochromic, tinted, or clear.

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