Glasses for Children

At Davis Optometrists we take care of every member of the family, from the very youngest onwards. If your child needs glasses then we will do everything possible to ensure that they enjoy them and are happy with their frames. The NHS supply lenses, and we have a huge selection of frames that are included in the NHS voucher. We constantly change our frame range so we always have different styles for them to choose from. We also have branded ranges that you pay a small price for. We encourage children to enjoy the experience and will spend as much time as they need. And we always have toys to hand to help keep them occupied!

If your child is going to be a happy and confident spectacle wearer, we have to make sure that they really love their frames. They must fit well so they're comfortable, and look as cool as possible. We encourage children to have their say in the selection process with all the help they need from Mum and Dad. We also ask them to choose their own cases. Nowadays frames are so funky that often are children are disappointed if they don't need specs!

Children have a different facial anatomy to adults their faces are rounder with more prominent cheeks, and they have very little bridge to their nose. Obviously they also have very tender skin. This means that frames for children are not just scaled down versions of adult frames, they have to be wider, shallower, and have different bridge fittings. When dispensing their frames we may have to try out alternative nose pads to get the perfect fit. Children usually need frequent repairs and adjustments, and all of these services are complimentary. If any costs are incurred these are usually covered by the NHS so let them enjoy their glasses and let us take care of any little mishaps. 

The trend for childrens frames at present is chunky plastics, in bold colours. Children however often have strong opinions on what they like, so we have plenty of options. Metal frames for children are still popular too, in coloured finishes, with plenty of detail. 

We are happy to source products at no charge of we do not have what your child or you is looking for. We believe that the entire process of becoming a spec wearer should be positive, so we always go the extra mile to find what you want.

It's always fantastic here. Aiden is very thorough and understanding. Really helpful and patient.

E. Edgcombe

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