Blink Exercises for Dry Eyes

Over 40% of the population suffers from Dry Eyes, please see our separate Dry Eye pages for more information. In addition to our other suggestions these exercises may also help your symptoms.

It’s common for many people to have a relatively shallow blink action, where you don’t fully bring your eyelids together. This means that the vitally important tear film is only partially spread over your eye’s cornea or your contact lens; this can lead to‘dry eye’ signs and symptoms, affecting comfort and vision.

The perfect blink action is when your upper lid closes fully to meet the bottom lid, before opening again.

This is actually a natural action. You don’t need to screw your eyes up! Imagine that you’re slowly falling asleep, with your top lid closing down to the bottom lid. If it’s done correctly you should feel a ‘hidden movement’ of the eyes behind the lids. Over the next two-three weeks practice this several times. Watching TV is ideal or using the PC – but not while you’re driving! While practising, pause for a second, before re-opening your lids.

Perfect blinking action and increased frequency of blinking will help you to avoid abnormal/acute symptoms, especially if you’re engaged in long periods of concentrated close work such as reading or PC work. Looking up and around every ten minutes or so, will also help. This improved action can improve vision and ocular comfort when driving, using the PC or in warm and/or dry atmospheres.

So to summarise, look straight ahead and allow your top lid to close slowly, down to the bottom lid. With your
eyes closed, pause as if you’re falling asleep, before opening your eyes again. (Placing your fingers at the outside corners of your lids will enable you to detect any unwanted tensing of the eye lid muscles).

The only form of exercise you can do with your eyes closed – and less strenuous than the Gym!

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