Frequent Replacement Daily Wear Lenses

Flexible Contact Lens OptionsFrequent Replacement Daily Wear are a range of lenses that can be worn all day and are then removed and cleaned/disinfected overnight. Regular replacement means better hygiene and comfort. It eliminates the worry of loss or damage as our scheme includes free replacements.

Most are monthly replacement but we have twice-monthly and three-monthly types too. By far the biggest range of spectacle prescriptions can be corrected with these lens ranges.

You pay by a monthly direct debit that covers all your eye care needs, and our scheme is the best value and the most comprehensive available anywhere! No hidden extras and no add on fees.

Our Opticians will always be available if you need them, and you'll never be without lenses in an emergency.

All of the following benefits are included when paid for by monthly Direct Debit:

  • All of your chosen contact lenses & solutions where required
  • Contact lens aftercare checks - there's no limit to the number of times you can visit your optician
  • All spectacle examinations
  • Digital Retinal Imaging examinations, available at every practice
  • All fees relating to contact lenses, including trials of any new or different lens options
  • 25% discount on prescription spectacles
  • 15% discount on non-prescription sunglasses, including Designer Sunglasses
  • Home delivery available for certain lens/solution combinations
  • Free of charge replacements for most lost or damaged lens types
  • Laser Refractive Surgery assessment
  • All of our Opticians are experienced contact lens fitters, so there is always someone at hand to help
  • Opportunity to get completely FREE Davis Total Eye Care through referrals

If you've worn lenses in the past this is the ideal time to have another go! New designs and materials mean that everybody can be fitted with lenses.  We have Silicone Hydrogel designs that are remarkably resistant to drying out or getting deposits. They also have a very high oxygen transmission so they stay comfortable for much longer. Your Optician will be happy to talk to you about your lens options, so book an appointment today!

Always given brilliant service and treatment here!

J Carnell

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