Coatings & Tints for Your Lenses

The branded lenses that we supply give you the best possible vision as we take advantage of the very latest technology to give you constantly evolving design and the newest materials. The tints and coatings that we add further enhance your sight and make your life easier.

Scratch Resistant or Hard Coatings make your lenses last longer. They protect your lenses from every day wear and tear, although nothing makes a lens totally scratch proof!

Anti-reflection Coatings allow you to see as clearly as possible, cutting out reflected light to prevent glare and uncomfortable dazzle. This makes your vision better for driving at night, and under artificial light. It also soothes glare from computer screens.

Blue Light Filters help to reduce fatigue at the screen - for users of computers, tablets, smart phones and other digital displays. Our balance coating relaxes the eyes and improves contrast.

Clean Coats are applied in combination with hard and ant-reflection coatings to stop dust and smears from adhering to your lenses. This three-in-one coating will give you the best performing lenses available. Ask for it by name – Solitaire on Rodenstock lenses, Ikon on Nikon lenses.

Coated Lenses for the best vision

UV Coatings protect your eyes by screening out harmful UV rays. They are particularly important if you have very pale eyes, a family history of macular degeneration, or work outdoors.

None of the coatings above add colour to your lenses. If you need sun protection to reduce discomfort from glare, then consider these options:

  • Photochromic Lenses – adjust to the light to give you dark (85% tinted) lenses in the sun, and very light (15% tinted) lenses indoors. We use Rodenstock Colormatic IQ. It’s only the UV in sunlight that triggers the change, so they won’t be dark under electric light.
  • Tinted Lenses – these permanently coloured lenses can be tinted all over, darker at the top than the bottom, as light or as dark as you would like, and come in a variety of colours. You can create bespoke prescription sunglasses, or choose a pale tint to give you a bit of colour! Our dispensing team can advise you and show you samples.

A fun and professional team and it is a joy to be helped and supported by each and everyone!

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