Tailor Made Lenses - the Ultimate Solution 

Our lens portfolio now includes state of the art spectacle lenses which optimise your vision and give you the clearest sight possible.

Tailor made lenses are designed to perfectly fit your spectacle frame and facial measurements to give you the best possible optical performance with exceptional imaging quality.

Mono Lenses for Single Vision Wearers

Conventional single vision lenses have an optical centre where your vision is as clear as possible, but then the image quality worsens as you look around you. Mono lenses from Rodenstock are designed to give you distortion free sight through any area of the lens, right to the very edge.


Mono lenses are manufactured to order specifically for you and your chosen frame. So if you choose a sporty wrap around, or a flat and sleek plastic we can create a lens that gives you the very best field of vision and clarity.


Impressions Lenses for Varifocal Wearers

Conventional varifocals have been around since the 1960s, enabling wearers to see at all distances, from close up to infinity. Since then, as technology improved, these lenses have constantly evolved to give smoother transitions between the varying powers within the lens, and reduce the edge distortion that patients have always experienced with these lenses.

Impressions from Rodenstock are the ultimate varifocal, tailor made for your prescription, facial measurements, and chosen frame. They give you the best possible vision to eliminate distortion, improve field of view with fast adaptation to your new glasses.


We have installed Impressionist consulting towers at each of our five practices for precise measurement in the dispensing of tailor made lenses - have a chat with any member of our dispensing team to see the difference that we could make to your sight and your lifestyle. 






Thank you for letting me see again! Excellent service from the minute I walked in, I'll definately be back.

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